Fraud Report – Heli Aviation, vs Niclas Herle (a.k.a. NH)

Author: Dirk Peter, FlightstudentDate: Mo. 25. November 2013Short Summary / Story line

I took flight lessons at the Flightschool "Heli Aviation Florida" in Sarasota/Bradenton Airport to realize my dream being a Pilot, I visited in spring 2013 with my girlfriend. We agreed that it’s possible for him to take cash from me – to train and fly and subtract from the balance in the beginning of 5.000 €. We agreed to a Euro/Dollar exchange rate of 1.32, so finally he had $ 6.600 from me in his account to give me flight lessons till the money is depleted.Everything seems all right, the Guy NH was very kind and seemed competent. He also was out for Dinner with his wife Rachel Trimpe (22) and his best buddy Ysbrand Voss – also from Germany. We talked about everything and had a very good time. He came from Baden Baden, close to the city I live in and was a flight assistant at the Heli Air GmbH in Baden Baden (1) and we had the same Flightschool in mind – Hillsboro Aviation in Oregon (2).My Flightteacher was a Guy named Christopher Waite, a very picky and exact Pilot and Teacher, at least a good man. Friday the 15th of November I had a scheduled flight and a ground lesson. Chris decided – as usual – to make ground first and then go out for a flight. We started around nine and then around 11:30, 12ish we made the Preflight to take a further practice Flightlesson.During the preflight, Chris the Teacher recognized a failure at the aircraft and said immediately "We can’t fly". I ask why and he said – the Hobbs is not ok. But I’ll call NH. He tried to call NH but he didn’t take the phone call. Chris texted him the situation and asked him what to do. This was the moment, the Guy NH freaked completely out. He wrote him immediately back and shouted at him, why he is discussing this in front of the student and he should grab his stuff and leave the company immediately! I couldn’t believe what I saw there and ask him if he is serious. He said yes and then we had a discussion in the entry of the school with Jessica – the assistant of NH. Chris showed me the flight entry at the R22 logbook with the name Jessica in it – but the Hobbs didn’t increase in the hours. This was the reason, why Chris decided not to take this flight.I left the flightschool and said to Chris, maybe better tomorrow if NH is back at a normal level with his mood. 10 Minutes later, Chris called me if I heard something from NH and said – that he heard in the office as he stood besides Jessica, that NH adviced Jessica to charge my Creditcard but she declined to do it – because she recognized it’s obvisly not right. At home I decided to ask NH tomorrow all about that. In the evening – I got an email from my bank with the announcement that there was a charge for $ -1.200. At this point I didn’t know it was a fraud from NH, but I had a bad feeling about it. I went to my bank and said, they should block this transaction, because of a fraud action from this guy NH. I expressly prohibited to charge from my debit card, as reason I told him it’s my GAS and FOOD card, with a low balance on it and it’s not necessary to take the card because he had a lot of cash money he can use for the flight. I said him that in front of Jessica the Assistant, so both of them are expressly prohibited charging my debit card, either way what I signed in the beginning. Next workday, Monday the 18th of November, my foreboding about this would be acknowledged my looking at my empty bank account.During the time from this Saturday till today, I tried to reach NH by phone – what never happened and texted him all the time, what I did wrong and that I dont deserve a treatment like that. He never came up with a plausible explanation. Instead of given me answers why he is reacting like that, he threatening me with the TSA and FAA (see Appendix A and B).

A couple of days later, nothing happened – except threats from NH again and again. So we I decided to go to the flightschool again try to speak with him personally. My friend Eddy and another Friend Maurizio was with me. He showed up there and the first thing, as he jumped out of his Porsche Cayenne GTS was that he said: "I have a weapon, go back to your car leave or I’ll shoot you!" I was shocked. It was a unreal situation. The guy I had a couple of days really fun with, stands there and want to shoot me! Nearly desperate I raised my arms and said "… ok that’s the end? WHY??? What did I do wrong??? Tell me!" I asked what this is all about, and what I did wrong – but he looked to the side and said I wrote him an abusive eMail. I didn’t understood the world and asked him, what eMail, when, with what content – I tried to figure out why he is so mad.

He went into his office and adviced Jessica to call the police. The police came. First came on car, then another one came. I talked with the first Officer from the Manatee County and then with the next. We had a good conversation, I tried to explain why I’m here – and that I’m normaly there as a flightstudent, with a couple of hours experience and nearly on the way to make my PPL-H.After our conversation, the Officers went into the flightschool office and had a talk with NH. After a long time they came out – with him – and in presence of the Officers he banned me from his school and I was not more allowed to enter either the flightschool nor the parking space. I accepted that and we talked about what NH had to say so long. The officers said that I ‘m kind of aggressive but the officers declined that – because they talked with me already outside. I ask them, what about the money I gave him by the way. The officers told me – they both lied, also Jessica – she herself wrote down the number on an Invoice to keep me posted about my rest cash balance. After that, I he gave me no choice. He forced me to take legal actions against him.


(1) After talking with this Company, he get kicked by violating company rules and abusing the owners and staff there

(2) After he made his PPL-H there he was kicked out by the same reasons he was kicked out from the Germany Company Heli Air.--

Why he overreacts in that way?Assumption:

As the Flightinstructor Chris already mentioned that as the very first reaction after he got fired from the NH through text message, why he over react in that way is, that he recognized, he got caught against highest FAA rules:

- a not change of the hobbs implied that he made illegal postponement of the maintenance of the R22 Aircraft- this has two advantages for the NH1.) he saves money in a long-term use2.) the revenue he took for the illegal, not logged flights is black, untaxed moneyAs a result if to get caught, losing all his FAA Licences, the government will shut down his little "Heli Aviation" company and he got permanently banned from the United States.

Chapter Invoices.

It’s easy that to proof that he took the 5.000 € as Cash.1.) on two of the Invoices are handwritten Balance notes, which indicates that they count down from the paid cash moneya.) First note from NH himself at the Invoice # 10464 with the Amount of 4,955.31b.) Second and last note from the Assistant Jessica on Invoice # 10471 of 3,123.20A hand writing comparision test of both these guys will confirm that as evidence. The document "Weight & Balance R22 (B & BII)" which is handwritten by NH, can be used for a plausibility comparison.

2.) If there is doubt on 1.) – so how did I paid all the Invoices without charging my GAS/Food Debit Card? And what number from whom is that on these 1a/1b invoices?


The inference together with the ripoff report from the user "rotor.flight" in Orlando from 25th of August, is coincidentally very familiar to me and shows the pattern of NH ripping of the people.



Appendix A. All Text Messages/Conversation / Appendix B. All WhatsApp Messages attached.

Monetary Loss: $6600.

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Niclas is a horrible person

London, Ontario, Canada #1255644

I to am going thru this as we speak ,Iv flown there since Jan and have over 100 hrs and he told me to get the *** out of his school for absolutely no reason ,the only reason I can come up with is that he knows I can fly and he can't get any more money out of me by sending me on *** flights,and when I left and came home he started charging my credit card for what I have no idea,something has to be done about this school,sure there might be some good reviews there but there's something seriously off here ,I know that I have been *** around so many times that I really don't know why I kept going back and to s e the way he treats his employees is unbelievable,I'm asking everybody who has had bad experience here to right on this page ,call FAA ,call bbb,whatever it takes we have to stop this guy from ruining lives cause that's what he is doing,I know personally this is the worst experience of my life ...when it was suppose to be the best,he might have taken that away from me but you can be sure that I will get my licence from a school who is really there for the students,and this is not against the flight instructors ,it's just all on him........,please if you've had a bad experience,got ripped of or screamed at and humiliated and the worst one I heard yet .....got spit in the face from him,then let's get together and shut this *** down. ,ps he might seem like a nice guy sometimes ,but if you want to bring the devil out in him ...don't just stand there and let him rip you off or humiliate you,then and only then will you see the real nick

to Anonymous #1403087

All people, student, flight instructors knows this.

All i can say.

IF you go to that school you will see and experience it.

Dont go there.

Ask any cfi who is no longer working for Niclas Herle will confirm it

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